Kim Sanders` Escort Service

Beside from the sceneries that can take place in the studio I love to enjoy outcall experiences. It can take place in your hotel room as well than in private accommodation. As your mistress and doctor Kim Sanders I will be ready to create the most lustful event out of every situation. Of course I have a huge collection of toys available and I am always looking for new tools that can be used for your treatment. It is turning me on to experience my desires in a new and inspiriting surrounding.

Our Game will start at dinner or lunch – be aware, it can very well be the case that I will introduce some public humiliation and disgrace. Punishment can also take place in public. Perhaps this torture will turn into an overnight session?
All those little nasty ideas created by my evil mind will just be the omen of the treatment you will receive in the room I have prepared. There won’t be any lucky chances – because I am in control and you are the one who is longing to be under my control. Making compromise is not what I have in mind.

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